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Wall Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to visually make a space look bigger is to install wall mirrors along side of the wider walls to double the narrow space. Mirror walls also enable you to duplicate what ever it is on the other wall. This can be a window with a nice view or a wall with nice decorative items. That means that you double your space and decorate your wall at the same time with no extra cost other than the mirrors.

The same applies to small bathrooms. On top of doubling the space, bathroom wall mirrors also can double the lighting in any room they are installed.

Give us a call and by simply providing some measurements we can provide you with an approximate price. If you are O.K. then we make an appointment for our installers to visit your home and take exact measurements. After that we call you back with the exact price, we take a deposit and start the cutting of the mirrors. Mirror jobs are usually done within a week to ten days.

Check some of the ideas for different types of wall mirrors in this page.

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