Ely's Glass Company was founded by Mr. Ely Ichelson in 1950s. Our first store opened its doors in 1961 at the corner of Avenue Road and Old Orchard.
frameless glass doors
Soon after, a true glassman from Italy, Mr. Antonio Turco joined Ely's Glass.
commercial vestibules
By working together, both men expanded the business and opened our first factory, adding to the services offered by Ely's Glass.

Today, Ely's Glass is still 100% family-owned and follows the same traditions set by its founders. Our goal at Ely's Glass is to offer the best service possible in Toronto's glass community and seek the newest industry innovations while keeping the old craftsmanship alive.

Through our Avenue Road showroom and our Scarborough factory, we service the interior design industry as well as the public with the latest innovations in mirror and glass works.

Our growth and success during the last 50 years is primarily due to our commitment to our loyal customers.