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Mirror Products

Cut to Size Cut to size:
• 5mm mirror (3/16”) in clear, bronze
 and grey
• 3mm mirror (1/8”) in clear

We can also do custom make mirrors in 10mm, 12mm and 19mm by silvering the glass. We do polishing and beveling on mirrors in our factory in Scarborough.

There are a lot of old mirrors with beautiful etchings that have lost their shine and have spots. To bring them back to life we can replace the silvering in the back with a brand new one. The process does not get ride of the scratches and chips but for sure brings back the shine to your old mirrors.

Antiqued mirrors Antiqued mirrors:
Antiqued mirrors are made through the process of applying different chemicals to the silvering of the mirrors. The process is the exact reverse of the re-silvering and the purpose is to give an old look to the mirrors. With the use of different chemicals we are able to make different color antiqued mirrors. Click here to see the samples of antique mirror

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