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Window Film

The trend toward open floor plans and areas that bring outdoors inside is unmistakable. High ceilings and window treatments have become the standard in most new construction. Today’s homes and commercial buildings utilize more glass than ever.

As attractive as these open plans are, owners and managers are increasingly concerned about some side effects. These ranges from excessive glare, heat build up, and higher energy costs to the rapid fading of carpets, furniture, and draperies. In short customers like the glass, but not the problems it tends to create.

Instead of replacing the glass to solve these problems consider window film. Window films can provide increased comfort inside and lower the energy cost very significantly.

Today there are films suitable for installation on all types of window glass including double pane units.

Window Film Window Film Window Film

What is the window film?
A high performance polyester film that applies to the glass surface. Window film is a laminate of strong polyester and metallized coatings bonded by adhesives that provide significant solar insulation for all types of glass. Film can be clear or colored to blend in with various surroundings. The way the window film works is by letting the visible light pass through but reflecting or absorbing the solar energy containing the heat and ultra violate rays that cause fading of the color in furniture and draperies. It also reflects back the heat from inside back in to the room adding to insulation value of your windows in the winter.

Window Film Window Film

Heat reduction
One of the most important features of the window film is the ability to reduce the heat causing by the solar energy by reflecting it right off the outside of the glass. There are different levels of reduction from 10% to 80%. Have in mind as the reduction rate goes up so does the reflection of the light from the surface of the film, therefore a film with 80% reduction will look like a mirror from the outside.

UV factor
The biggest problem with the big bright windows after the heat is fading of the furniture, drapery even the ceramic and marble floors. Window films in general will cut down the UV rays (ultraviolet rays) up to 99%. UV rays are the biggest factor in visible light which causes the fading of the colors. The other factors are the visible light and the temperature which also can be controlled by applying the film. Even a 10% reduction film will reduce the UV rate to less than 1% giving your furniture and paintings a much longer life in front of the sun

There are various types of window films for different type of applications. They are widely used to provide privacy. The sandblasted look window film gives you total privacy day and night. On the other hand the highly reflective films can give you privacy during the day. They give you the possibility to see the outside but blocking the view from the other side. They work as long as there is light on the outside to be reflected. After dark if you have the lights on inside the process will be reversed.

Installation and warranty
In Ely’s glass for the last 15 years we have been using LLUMAR window film in our installation. LLUMAR film installed by us has a 10 year warranty on both labor and material. Not having a call-back within these years proves that we have chosen the right product. We also sell the film in cut pieces incase you decide to install it yourself for installation instruction please click here.

Window Film

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